One Piece chapter 1087: Spoiler and Speculations

One Piece chapter 1087

One Piece chapter 1086 unveiled numerous intriguing details about the Five Elders and Imu. Additionally, the attention was on the Holy Knights and the Revolutionary Army, leaving fans eagerly awaiting One Piece chapter 1087.

The upcoming chapter of One Piece has captured everyone’s attention as the story intensifies with each passing chapter, providing fans with incredible moments to anticipate. Unfortunately, fans will have to endure a considerable wait for One Piece chapter 1087 as Oda, the creator, will be taking a break. More details regarding this break will be discussed later on.

The Revolutionary Army’s Strategy

One Piece chapter 1087

One Piece chapter 1087 will likely delve into the Revolutionary Army’s plans. Sabo returned to Momoiro Island in the previous chapter and revealed the truth about the Reverie to Dragon and Emporio Ivankov while keeping it hidden from the rest of the Army to protect their lives. Although the flashback concluded in the previous chapter, Sabo provided Ivankov and Dragon with all the information they needed. While their forward plan remains undisclosed, it is clear that Imu is the Sovereign of the world, one of the Founding 20, and seemingly immortal due to the powers of the Ope Ope no Mi.

From this point on, the war of the Revolutionary Army commences as they lay siege to Marijoa. The Holy Knights will soon mobilize to combat the Revolutionary Army, escalating the conflict against the World Government. Fans should expect prominent characters like Garling Figarland to take center stage as the war unfolds.

Moreover, the Navy, among other powerful units of the World Government, will likely make their move. However, they seem preoccupied at the moment with an even greater invasion on Egghead Island.

Returning to Egghead Island

One Piece chapter 1087

Egghead Island, which hasn’t been seen in quite some time, may finally reappear in One Piece chapter 1087. The last time Luffy and the group were shown was when the truth about York was revealed. Luffy, Zoro, Kaku, and Lucci fought against the Seraphims S-Bear and S-Hawk, while Sanji battled S-Shark. Meanwhile, S-Snake roamed free while Nico Robin’s group headed toward the abandoned Devil Fruit Laboratory, where Vegapunk is currently held captive.

York, who desires to become a Celestial Dragon, has betrayed Vegapunk and his work. The events on Egghead Island promise further intrigue, especially with the arrival of the Blackbeard ship. The ship is likely carrying Katarina Devon and Lafitte, considering a significant portion of the Blackbeard crew is already occupied. The involvement of the Blackbeard Pirates in the Egghead Island scenario adds an intriguing dynamic to the situation.

The Egghead Incident

One Piece chapter 1087

If One Piece chapter 1087 revisits Egghead Island, Oda may shed light on the highly anticipated Egghead Incident. This incident, foretold to be one of the greatest in the story, will shake the world of One Piece to its core. The impending arrival of Admiral Kizaru, accompanied by 100 Navy battleships, surpassing the scale of any previous Buster Call, sets the stage for an epic clash. The presence of Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, the Warrior God of Defense Science, further amplifies the threat. With such firepower at their disposal, the Straw Hat Pirates find themselves in great peril. Their only way out is through battle, as the Egghead Incident has been foreshadowed.

Fans can expect a major war, potentially the largest since the Paramount War, as One Piece chapter 1087 builds up the tension. With Kizaru and his fleet nearing Egghead Island after a lengthy voyage, readers hope that the next chapter progresses the story in this direction.

One Piece On Break

One Piece chapter 1087

As many fans already know, One Piece 1087 will not be released anytime soon due to a series break lasting for five weeks. Unlike the typical two-week breaks, this extended hiatus is necessary for the author’s health. Oda has been experiencing a gradual deterioration of his eyesight and suffers from astigmatism. Having discussed the possibility of a month-long break with the Chief Editor of Shonen Jump since last year, Oda has decided it is time to take one.

Oda has dedicated his entire life to the masterpiece that is One Piece, and fans should understand that he deserves time to rest and recover in peace. This break also serves as a respite for Oda, who has faced health challenges since the serialization of One Piece began. Fans are aware of Oda’s unwavering dedication to his craft and can rest assured that he will return with renewed vigor. In the meantime, there is ample time for fans to speculate and theorize about the vast world of One Piece. The latest chapters have provided plenty of information for fans to dissect and digest.

Following chapter 1086, One Piece will go on a break. One Piece chapter 1087 is scheduled for release on July 18th, 2023, according to Manga Plus. Fans can also read the chapter for free on the Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps.

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